Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Stark has certainly been a busy bee... Mark XLVII revealed

In Marvel's Iron man movies, Tony Stark (Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, philanthropist) always seems to have a genius trick up his sleeve; sometimes just for fun and sometimes to actually save his life, but this time, it seems that he will be facing a bigger threat in his upcoming movie and will certainly need, 1...2...3... More back-up than usual...


It was recently revealed that Iron man's next big baddie will in fact be the power crazy, Mandarin (being portrayed by Ben Kingsley), but it seems that he will be to much for the armored avengers, so what does Tony do? Builds 40 more suits of course.
It is rumoured that Tony will engage in battle from the cockpit of the Mark XLVII suit while controlling multiple suits (This could possibly be the best action scene Hollywood has ever made!)

While we're on the Marvel topic, it has been revealed that Chinese actor, Wang Xueqi has also been added to the cast of Iron Man 3 as Chen Lu. Chen Lu is Marvel's 616 version of Radioactive man.

What do you think?
Is having 40 battle suits too excessive for a solo movie?
Do you think Chen Lu will eventually be able to

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