Thursday, 20 September 2012

Could #700 be the end for the Amazing Spider-man?

Marvel NOW! hasn't come just yet (it definitely isn't coming Now), but it looks like Spidey will have to pay the price to go onto another 'series'.
According to resources Spidey may taking his last web-sling this December in The Amazing Spider-man #700.

Dan Slott (Current writer of The Amazing Spider-man) previously said that he will have to go into hiding after the comic is released due to it being such a heavy, climatic moment.

Doctor Octopus knows Pete... (excuse me), Spider-man's true identity, so what will he do with it ? He only has hours to live anyway, so he might as well end it with a BANG.

Could Morbius come back thirsty for irradiated blood, or will it just be another fang-tastic moment?
(Cheesey. I know)

Will memories come back to haunt him?

Could this be the end of The Amazing, Astonishing, Ultimate, Spectacular Web-slinger?

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All in # 699, 699.1 and 700.

Coming this December

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