Thursday, 4 October 2012

First look at Marvel's upcoming animated film, IRON MAN AND HULK: HEROES UNITED

Marvel has now released a batch of photos via Entertainment Weekly, of the Armored Avenger: Iron Man and the The Incredible Hulk in there upcoming CGI/Hand-drawn movie: Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United.

The film will include Iron Man and Hulk battling the evil Zzzax (A villain made out of pure energy).

The film will not be a follow-up to the events of Marvel's The Avengers, but Jeph Loeb did say this for the fans to: "Welcome people to interpret any way they like. In tone and character, we want to follow our best leader."

Adrian Pasdar (Heroes) will produce the voice of Iron Man, Fred Tatasciore (The Ultimate Spider-Man) will voice Banner and Dee Bradley Baker (American Dad).

"The challenge was to pick up the banter between the two of them. Certainly, Adrian Pasdar’s performance is inspired by what Robert Downey Jr. does, and Mark laid down such an incredible path for us to be able to follow," Loeb added. "It’s our hope that we will start doing more feature-length direct to Blu-ray and DVD stories. They’ll more than likely be in team-up situations. We find it works really well when we have big exciting adventures with two or more of our heroes."

The film is set to be released on home-video April 23rd 2013

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