Sunday, 5 May 2013

Jim Lee approves MAN OF STEEL

DC's amazing artist Jim Lee, while promoting Free comic book day, took this as the chance to speak about Man of Steel, explaining to CBS and Fox News how it brought him to tears!

Its epic. It's got a lot of heart. But one things that was missing from the last Superman movie was the action and this movie has it in spades. It is a visual thrill ride. It is amazing. You get to see all the powers of Superman in all its glory and I think people are going to blown away.

Henry is awesome in the movie. He is very different form Brandon and Christopher. He's a man's man, very virile and very yoked (jacked), believable, very brooding, at the same time it's a real fresh take on Superman.

The special effects are way over the top I mean you are going to see superpowers that you've never seen before, depicted on the screen in the ways that you would have never imagined. So it's really exciting.

It's an amazing re-imagining of Superman. There's stuff in there that you have never seen in a Superman movie before. Special effects are incredible but it's got a lot of heart. It brought me to tears actually, a couple of times in the movie and that doesn't happen a lot.

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