Saturday, 24 November 2012

Is there enough diversity in CBM's or Comic books in general?

First off, can you name one movie with a hero, which does NOT have a white Superhero as a main character and was a NOT a Box Office bomb? No, I didn't think so.
Now, my question is this: Is there enough ANY diversity in Comic Book Movies? When you try to think of movies that has, say a black man as the leading superhero, Blade and Hancock do come to mind, but where would you place these movies on your list of all time favorite CBM movies? Up there with The Avengers, or at the lowest of the low with the likes of Catwoman (a film which happens to have a black person as the leading role and is known as one of the worst movies ever made. Coincidence? I think not)? 
What I am trying to say is are there any Chinese, Indian or Black superheroes in our favorite Super movies? No! Asian and Black characters may appear in Superhero films, but mostly as supporting casts, example: Robbie Robertson. 
Marvel are planning on introducing Black superheroes such as The Black Panther and The Falcon into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but are they going to be as popular as characters such as Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-man and many more. Would non comic book fans go and see The Black Panther in Theaters? I wouldn't bet on it. We need Luke Cage, John Stewart, Misty Knight, Black Lightning, just any black supers on the big screen which won't be massive flops.
To be honest, I don't think that much faith is put into these kind of films, mostly due to previous films having black main characters in superhero action flicks are usually massive bombs, so what can you expect?
Are movie studios really pushing for multi-racial superhero flicks? Are they scared of failure or just plain don't care?

What do you think?
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